Travel support

Countries eligible for travel support

The Norwegian government will provide travel support for two participants from countries eligible for such support according to criteria under the CBD, i.e. countries listed on OECD’s DAC List of ODA Recipients. Norway is prepared to cover costs of travel to and from Trondheim from the city of residence of the participants from eligible countries, as well as hotel expenses and subsistence.

This section covers the Conference Secretariat rules on assistance to participants from eligible countries for the 2019 Trondheim Conference.

Traveling to and from the conference venue

1. The travel agency of the Conference will suggest a quick and low-cost alternative for the participants. The participant is required to confirm the suggestions.

2. The Conference will only book economy class tickets. If an upgrade is desired or required, this must be arranged and paid for by the participant.

3. Tickets that have been confirmed cannot be changed, neither before or during the Conference.

4. Tickets cannot be transferred to another person.

5. If a night at a hotel is necessary as part of the air travel route, the hotel will be booked and paid for by the Conference.

6. Any extra time that participants want to spend en route is covered by the participants themselves. No extra hotel nights are covered and no extra per diem is given.

7. Participants may request deviations from the suggested return route or the standard length of stops. This may only be granted if it does not make the ticket more expensive than the standard option.

8. Terminal expenses – transport to and from the airport at home or in Trondheim – are covered for all eligible participants with a fixed amount of NOK 800,-. This is also supposed to cover miscellaneous other small expenses during travel.

9. Reimbursement of tickets bought by the participants themselves is as a rule not allowed. Exceptions can be made by the Secretariat if requested and agreed on well in advance of the conference.

Per diem and subsistence (DSA)

1. Participants get daily subsistence allowance (DSA) for days spent travelling. Daily subsistence allowance is provided in line with Norwegian government travel regulations. On days of travel, arrival and departure before and after the conference days, daily subsistence allowance is supported with a payment of NOK 780 per whole day.

  • If travel takes up less than 6 hours of a day, no daily subsistence support is given for that day.
  • If travel takes up between 6 and 24 hours of a day, full daily support is given for that day.
  • If travel extends into a consecutive day, a new payment of daily subsistence support is given following the same criteria as in the two rules above.
  • On the days of the conference all expenses for meals are covered by the organizer, and therefore you do not receive subsistence allowance.

2. On the final day of the conference, as dinner is not provided, a subsistence allowance to the amount of NOK 390 is given.

3. On all days travelling and during the conference, a small administrative allowance of NOK 100 is given.

4. Details on payment of DSA will be provided directly to participants and announced at the conference.

Visa expenses

Expenses incurred in the process of obtaining visas to Norway may be covered by the Conference Secreteriat. This includes expenses related to travel and accommodation that are needed to obtain a visa.

If total expenses for getting your visa exceeds NOK 2000 (USD 240), you have to contact the Conference Secretariat to get approval for your expenses.

Sølendet nature reserve in Trøndelag (Photo Gunnar Kjærstad)