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External evaluation

An external evaluation of the Trondheim Conferences on Biodiversity was carried out in 2017 to assess whether the conference has achieved its objectives and its relevance to the CBD agenda. The evaluation was commissioned by the Norwegian Environment Agency, and was done by Conow Centre for International Relations. The data was gathered through in-depth interviews with stakeholders and a survey among previous conference participants. The overall evaluation was very positive, and gives a clear recommendation that we should continue to organize these conferences.

The evaluation provides many concrete recommendations for future conferences, helping us make the conferences better for participants and more useful for the CBD community and beyond. The recommendations are used in planning the ninth Trondheim conference. Issues we are looking at include reaching out to more people by spreading the reports and opening up for online participation and getting more effective participation during the conference and more exchange of country-level information.

Kelp forest (Photo Espen Rekdal)